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Tono Arias

15 x 21 cm
96 pages 65  B/W photographs  

Edition of 500

Print 10x12 cm Hanemulhe (signed)

Text Antón Lopo (Galego English)
ISBN 978-84-615-8761-2  2012

The photographic work of NÓS starts when Tono Arias visits the house where he was born (and that It was abandoned when the family moved, when he was seven years old). He photographs pictures of the house objects and the family portraits in unoccupied spaces. The result is worrying; among other reasons the photographer thinks in a present universal in appearance, simultaneous and this present suddenly appears double, we discover, no without shivering that the characters examine “ the sacking “ from the places that give them the vision of future ; This is the intensity of future, or its weakness ,that let us interpret the past with a knowing look and a consistent nostalgia.

PHOTO ESPAÑA 2013 PhotoBook Awards Shortlist.

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